Our Story

Mookidoo is a children's clothing boutique that provides ultimate comfort for children aged 0-8.
The brand name is inspired by the shark song, hope every mom and kid shopping at mookidoo will be happy doo doo doo... Yes! Twist our little asses, Let's sing and dance together!
Brand logo: It also echoes the name, yellow represents the sunshine, and the smiling faces on the clothes hope that the children wearing our clothes can show their playful and cute smiles, as happy as those dancing notes!
Their existence means that the owner wants to use the brand to spread more sunshine, smiles and happiness! To those who shop from mookidoo, to those who wear mookidoo clothes, to those who see mookidoo..... With such spirit and value, we can go further, please witness with us ,work hard together!

As a mother, we always want to give the best to our children,This is the original intention of Mookidoo: we have always used comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly products to care for our baby's healthy and happy childhood.
Each piece of clothing carries the imprint of the child's growth, changing over time and size, grow up quietly.
One day, she/He asked, "Mom, what was my childhood like?"
I thought about it, pulled her/him to the closet, and decided to let every piece of clothing tell her/him story of growing up: "Baby, look, this is what you wore when you were born... and when you were always.. .. Haha, and this, this is your one year old, this is your two year old, three year old..."
She/He held the clothes carefully, rolled her/him small eyes, as if recalling the past, then suddenly shyly started playing hide and seek with me......
At this moment, I feel how happy and meaningful it is to participate in a person's growth.
Glad you can shop with mookidoo~
Let's witness together, work hard together, grow together, protect together.